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Our Great State of Tennessee
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Welcome to Martha Forbes home on the web!
Some folks call me " Martha Forbes Ferguson " but if you want ya'll can just call me Martha Forbes or Marty.   I practice the art of chair bottom weaving on a part time basis.  Now just sit back and I will tell you a little about myself and what I do.  I grew up in the beautiful rugged mountains of East Tennessee.  It is because of my mountain background that I chose to continue the Appalachian pride and workmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and hand weave my chair bottoms based on  traditional Appalachian design and methods. 
Martha Forbes Ferguson believes in the importance of  workmanship as well as the pride and care that goes into each hand-crafted item.  There  is something so calming about working with your hands and weaving a chair until it is completed and a beautiful work of 
art again. 
My family and I now live in the friendly area of  Brush Creek, Tennessee which is where my studio is located. Quality chair caning and basket weaving are done in my studio.  Here I duplicate the original patterns of  long ago so each one is as authentic as I can possibly 
make it. 
If you are in the area you are welcome to c'mon in and visit me. Or if it more convenient just take the online tour! 

 After you  have looked around a bit  you will see why Martha Forbes Ferguson always says....

"Works of art that come from the heart !"

 Thanks for visiting me at my home on the web! 

Specializing In
Splint Seat Weaving
Binder Cane Bottoms
Hand & Press Caning
Historical  Interpretations

Martha Forbes Ferguson 
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