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WebWhisper.com Disclaimer

Webwhisper.com specifically reserves the right to refuse any web page for listing
on our site that does not meet our standards for publication. We will not list any
website that contains and/or links to sites that contain the following:

1.  Any material not suitable for viewing by audiences of all ages. 
2.  Sexual content or reference to sexual content.
3.  Obscene contents that includes but is not limited to: pictures, language,
     music, graphics or any other depiction that is considered obscene, 
     offensive, indecent, or profane.
4.  Violence or violent activities.
5.  Discrimantory or inflammatory content. 
6.  Imoral context 

Our standards for webpage listing approval includes but are not limited to any
item listed above. If you wish to have your site listed on Webwhisper.com we
will be happy to review your webpage. If for some reason your page is refused
- you are welcome to edit your site (if you wish) and resubmit it to us for listing considerations.

We reserve all rights to refuse listing of any web pages that does not meet our standards as determined by Webwhisper.com.