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Want A Web Page of your own?

Yes, That's Right!  We will design, develop and market a web page (4 page max) for only $100.00. Then Webwhisper will maintain your web page for only $25.00 per month.  If  you have ever  dreamed of  putting your small business or personal page on the internet - here is your chance to do so at an affordable price.  At Webwhisper.com we work with you on a  personal level to develop a web page or web site that meets your needs and visions.

By having an internet presence millions of people who surf the internet can view your web page 24 hours a day / seven days a week and will be more likely to do business with you.  What a cost effective avenue in which to advertise!


If you would like us to list your web page in our directory send us an email with your web site URL. We will review your web page to make sure it meets our criteria.  If it meets our criteria we will contact you and make arrangements for payment. The listing fee is only $10.00 per month payable in advance. Where else can you  advertise your business for only $10.00 per month?

Non Commercial and Non Profit Organizations will be listed here free of charge.  If your page fits this category submit your site for a FREE  listing.

For web page, web site estimate and futher information email:  editor  webwhisper.com

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any listing for a web page that
does not meet our standards. For More Information Click Here!

Note: 10-10-2003, Unsolicited Email
By spamming this site and webwhisper email addresses with emails that do not pertain to the webwhisper business , you the sender, hereby agree to pay the Spam Fee of $20.00 per spam. This fee should be mailed within 5 working days.