In some cases, you can fix the plumbing problems of your house on your own. However, oftentimes, a plumbing problem requires more than just a 5-minute task. If that is the case, you will have to hire a plumber.

The reason for this is that you might only worsen the problem if you try to fix it yourself. This is particularly true if it is an emergency plumbing problem.

If you or your loved ones see any of the signs below, it is time to hire an emergency Grande Prairie plumbers for help.

Hot Spots on the Floor

It’s something that you should worry about if you find yourself walking around your home and feeling random hot spots on the floor. It’s an indication that you might have a leaking hot water line. It can lead to a significant wall and floor damage if you allow this issue to go ignored.

Low Water Pressure

It’s an indication that the pipes are clogged and stopping water from flowing to its destination if your house experiences low water pressure. If ignored, it will result in loose fittings and burst pipes, aside from worsening the problem.

Wastewater Backflow

The backflow of wastewater is another sign of a faulty sewer line. You should hire a professional plumber right away if you begin to see waste coming back up from sink drains, tub drains, or toilets. This can mean that the sewer line has been damaged severely because of improper items flushed down or intruding tree roots.

Constant Respiratory Problems, Headaches, and Dizziness

Unfortunately, plumbing and health issues go hand-in-hand. You can have a gas leak that’s placing your entire house at risk if you experience trouble breathing, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. You should keep in mind that gas often does not have any type of scent. A lot of times the leaks go undetected and can lead to death.

You should contact your utility company first to shut off your gas line immediately before you contact a professional plumber. After that, hire a plumber that can help you safely resolve the gas leak.

Nasty Smell

Do you smell sewage or rotten eggs? Perhaps you have a damaged sewer line under your house. Burst lines are plumbing emergencies since they can result in a slab leak that’s very costly to fix, aside from being dangerous to the health of your family.

Growing Mold

It probably means that you’ve got a leak in the pipes if you began to notice the growth of mold along your walls or near your plumbing. Mold grows and thrives in wet areas and plumbing leaks within the structure of your house can produce the ideal environment for this issue.

Mold is a safety and health threat that’s both costly and difficult to remove. Think about hiring an emergency plumber if you discover mold in your house near your plumbing. Make sure they get rid of the problem’s source to stop its spread while you work out with your plans of getting rid of the mold.