Year after year, people resort to changing their roofs. When in fact, a comprehensive roof cleaning would’ve helped them in saving thousands of bucks and extended roof life.  Hence, if you’re still unsure which one should you opt for, check out the following reasons why you should only have your roof cleaned instead of reroofing them: 

Keep your gutters clog-free and clean 

Debris, leaves, and some kinds of dirt that potentially clogs your gutter is one of the ingredients for disaster. If you compromise your gutter’s performance, then anticipate seeing water stains on your sidewalls while damaging the foundation of your home at the same time. Luckily you can avoid such risks from taking place by cleaning up your gutter regularly. You can either decide to do this yourself or just hire an expert cleaner to have your roof and gutters cleaned for you. 

Prolong your roofing’s life 

Regardless if you’re planning to sell your house or looking forward to living within your neighborhood, you should prioritize to make some effort to prolong your roof’s life. Apart from your home’s foundation, the roof is the next vital consideration of a lot of potential homebuyers. This factor has become on top of their list today since it is a guarantee that you can live safely and comfortably within your own home. 

Keep the warranty on your shingles 

One of the most costly parts of the house to replace or repair is the roof. Obtaining a warranty on your shingles can help a lot in terms of costs. But, the majority of warranties are just fulfilled when your roofing is well-maintained. When you did not even do anything to maintain your roof, then you may have an issue to negotiate with your manufacture. 

Stop water damage because of the development of mold and moss 

Moss loves growing on roofs. Sadly, surface cleaning alone will not cut it. Moss can simply develop below the shingles and makes pits on the surface of your roofing. When moss is left unattended for a long time, it can result in severe damage to the whole roof, which leads to internal water damage. If you think you have this roof issue, then make sure to use roof moss removal Surrey BC service now. 

Eliminate unappealing dark stains 

If your goal is to increase your home’s curb appeal, then eliminating dark stains would suffice for you to have your roof cleaned. Usually, black streaks are due to the development of algae on the surface of your roof. Know that algae can develop even in dry conditions. Hence, long exposure to sunlight won’t help stop black algae from ruining your home’s appearance. 

Moreover, dark stains can be due to water stains and falling debris during extreme weather. Apart from the fact that a dark stain is unappealing, they also make your roof less energy-efficient since it starts to penetrate more heat. As a result, indoor insulation gets more costly.